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Abus Key Safe Bluetooth Garage KG787 Smart - Wall Mounted

Abus Key Safe Bluetooth Garage KG787 Smart - Wall Mounted

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Smart means making things easy: An app can be used to control our KeyGarageTM 787 Smart-BT over Bluetooth®.

Our KeyGarageTM 787 Smart-BT for wall mounting is a great way for different groups of people to temporarily store up to 20 keys, three car keys, or up to 30 plastic cards.

As an admin, you can give other people in the app a six-digit key code that lets them access whatever is in the smart KeyGarage without a smartphone. This could be for guests in a vacation rental, workers, cleaning services, mobile care services, and more.

One other choice is to use the app to send an electronic access ticket. The Bluetooth®-KeyGarage has the most up-to-date AES-128-Bit encryption to keep your information safe.

There is one admin and up to 28 users.

You don't have to open the KeyGarageTM 787 Smart-BT to change the batteries. We suggest hanging the KeyGarageTM 787 Smart-BT on a wall in a protected outdoor area.

A shackle is sold separately if you want it.


The metal housing is big and strong.
A 6-digit key code can be entered using a lit-up electronic keypad.
With the HomeTec Pro Bluetooth app, you can manage and use the KeyGarageTM.
Make and send individual access tickets or a 6-digit code that can be used by many people.
Look at the log and see who is using it right now.
Up to 20 keys, 3 car keys, or 30 plastic cards can fit in this case.
There are built-in hooks for keys and key fobs.
Relocking on its own.
Battery low alert (Orange).
Two AA batteries can be put in the battery compartment, which can be reached from the outside.
It comes with batteries.
Rated IP54.
Germany made.


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