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Austral Elegance Push2Go Security Screen Door Lock

Austral Elegance Push2Go Security Screen Door Lock

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The Austral Elegance lockset features a one-way locking capability called "Push2Go," which allows the lock to be "snib locked" from the outside by pressing the "Push2Go" button. The "Push2Go" cannot be used to open the lock.

Traditional hinged security screen door locks frequently have two stages of key locking: the first stage is for privacy, and the second stage is for deadlocking. The all new Elegance Push2Go substitutes the requirement for a key to engage privacy locking with a push button so you can "Push2Go". From the outside, the door is then privacy locked (not deadlocked). The turnsnib can be used to unlock the door from the inside, and a key can be used to unlock it from the outside.

Security door lock with mortice hinge.
Outside/inside lever retracts latchbolt.
Self-latching latch bolt with a notch that engages a profiled strike plate aperture bolt.
The Jemmy resistant striking plate is intended to distort under an attack.
Locking snib and cylinder.
The cylinder is not included.
ALAAC4CYL is the cylinder to use (Silca LW4 keyway)
Body dimensions are 145 x 35 mm.
114.7 mm handle length
The innovative Push2Go capability is included.
Use in conjunction with the ALEKITH triple lock.
The finish is black.


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