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DORMAKABA M5 Bluetooth Digital Code Locks, Black Matt Finish Mortice Lock

DORMAKABA M5 Bluetooth Digital Code Locks, Black Matt Finish Mortice Lock

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Upgrade to a dormakaba digital door lock with the new Mortice Lock M Series BLE smart locks to rethink your home security. Permitting you to unlock your door using a PIN, an RFID Card/Fob, a key, or a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone.

Elegantly designed with the ease of intelligent features and functions, without sacrificing security, dependability, or performance. Providing you with complete control over your home's security.

 According to Australian Standard AS 1905.1- 2005, Part 1: Fire Resistant Doorsets, fire door assemblies have been successfully tested for up to 2 hours (depending on doorset type) in compliance with Australian Standard AS 1905.1- 2005, Part 1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

Bluetooth function:

The M Series comes complete with Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to unlock your door, obtain data logs, and more via the dormakaba smart lock app on your smartphone (iOS & Android).

Remote Key Sharing provides remote access with time-sensitive security:

In Bluetooth mode, the dormakaba Smart lock software enables the administrator to generate a PIN number for a visitor or short-term guest based on specified time periods. These can then be distributed using a variety of mediums, including email and text messaging.

Relaxation with Security assured:

No extra locking devices are required for the door. The M Series comes standard with the Australian-style dormakaba MS2602 Series mortice lock, which provides the peace of mind that it exceeds the highest levels of Australian standard for mechanical security and durability (AS4145.2) The M Series is truly the best solution for any digital locking solution.

Installation simplicity and voice-guided programming:

As a stand-alone unit, the M Series requires no additional wiring, allowing for a quick and simple installation in both new and existing homes. Setting up and maintaining the M Series is as easy as entering the Administrator PIN and following the voice instructions, thanks to the voice-guided programming. Once programmed, an RFID Card/Fob can be added as Administrator.

Mobile access.
Digitized touchpad.
battery-operated (4 x AA included).
Voice-operated programming.
Programmable administration code/card registration.
Maximum of 100 RFID Cards.
Two standard and two miniature cards are supplied.
10 Pin codes.
Passage mode is optional for visitors.
Incorrect attempt lockout delay
Low battery alert and external backup power source.
Handling selected by field.
3 x Key mechanical override
Fit door thickness between 35 and 50 mm.
Dimensions 65 (W) x 280 (H) x 27 mm (D).
The finish is matte black.


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