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Electronic Code Gate Lock Double Sided

Electronic Code Gate Lock Double Sided

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The ML-ASCOT is a double-sided digital lock made by McGrath Locks. It can be used on gates, internal doors, and other places where a digital lock that can be locked from both sides is needed. It has all the features you're used to from the McGrath Lock line, including the TTlock APP, Bluetooth, PIN code, RFID cards, and manual keys. The ML-ASCOT is like having two locks in one. It has four keys (Keyed alike). Now, both sides are always locked from the inside and the outside, so no one can reach over the fence and turn the handle. It was made to work well in both commercial and residential settings. The lock is made of an aluminium alloy, a zinc alloy base, and a glass keypad. This gives it a full weather rating of IP66 on each side, and makes the ML-ASCOT very durable, strong, and scratch-resistant for use outside. Since the ML-ASCOT is waterproof to IP66 standards, it can be put outside on gates and can handle the harsh weather in Australia. For both the inside and outside handles, the ML-ASCOT needs 4pcs AAA (only Duracell) batteries, which can last up to 12 months. The MLASCOT is easy to set up because it can be retrofitted into a 54mm hole or installed from scratch. This only takes a few minutes with a screwdriver because there is no wiring. ML-ASCOT works with the TT lock APP, which lets you manage all of your E-keys, PIN codes, and RFID cards and fobs. The TTlock APP records include an audit trail, and you can give and control access to anyone (family, friends, or neighbours), give access for weeks, days, or hours, and change or remove access as needed, all at your own discretion.


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